Neck Pain

There are a growing number of people struggling with neck pain.  This common problem is often thought of as a passing issue, but the reality is that it’s usually rooted in a deeper problem. 


The Cause

There are a number of possible causes of neck pain, but most chiropractors will tell you that neck pain is the result of spinal misalignment.  Small misalignments in the upper thoracic or cervical spine can lead to swelling and pressure on nerves.


Your nerves are very delicate, and even a slight amount of pressure on them can lead to pain and dysfunction.  It’s also common for the muscles around the misaligned area to become tight or for the patient to experience muscle spasms.  It is believed by most chiropractors that muscle spasms are the bodies attempt to protect itself.  By locking down the area, the body can protect itself from further damage.


Treatments for Neck Pain

Medication is one of the most common treatments for neck pain.  It can be effective at reducing muscle spasms and reducing pain, but is it correcting the real problem?  If your neck pain is the result of a misaligned spine, can the medication fix that problem?


Chiropractic care offers you a non-invasive option to correct the cause of neck pain.  The more you understand the cause of your pain, the better chance you have of finding resolution.

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