A large number of people will experience sciatica at some point.  The pain from this problem can be anywhere from slight to excruciating, and few people know where to go for help.  The majority of patients end up on medication, but is that the only answer?



Where Sciatica Starts

The sciatic nerve is a collection of nerves that exit the lower spine and pelvis.  This nerve bundle runs down into the lower extremity where it again branches out to become individual nerves.  Pressure on this nerve in the lumbo-pelvic area can lead to extreme pain and irritation.

It’s important to remember that the location of the pain is often not where the real problem exists.  A nerve being compressed in the lower spine can show up as pain in the bottom of the foot.  Finding a chiropractor that can access where the problem is originating from is the key to your success.


Sciatic Treatments

The majority of patients turn to traditional medicine to deal with sciatica.  Medication and or physical therapy are the most common options selected my traditional medical professionals.  While medication and physical therapy can be helpful they are most often focused on the symptom of the problem instead of the cause.


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